Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our second solar investment fund, the Wunder Bridge Fund.

The Wunder Bridge Fund provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of short-term, asset-backed commercial solar loans. These loans are provided on a project-by-project basis to top-tier commercial solar installers that Wunder has partnered with, and each loan is secured by the installer’s assets. Capital is used for new project development activities, such as system design, hardware procurement, and installation. The Fund returns a projected 11% annually for 2 years, with interest paid monthly and principal repayment at maturity.

“With the launch of the Wunder Bridge Fund, investors can now tailor their solar investments to their individual risk appetite and capital requirements. We’re dedicated to offering a group of products that allow investors to find ways to build their portfolios while building our post-carbon future.”

~ Bryan Birsic; CEO, Wunder

Just like with other Wunder investment opportunities, we are using proprietary software to reduce the costs associated with sourcing, underwriting, contracting, and executing commercial-scale solar financings. As a result, we are the only national solar financing company capable of cost effectively servicing the sub-$1MM commercial solar market. This allows us to be incredibly selective when adding projects to the Wunder Bridge Fund, and it allows us to provide investors with an industry-leading return.

To learn more, create an account at, where you can learn about Wunder, review the Fund's prospectus, and make your first solar investment.