RENVU Solar Equipment Distribution, a California based equipment distributor, has teamed up with Wunder Capital to offer its customers flexible short-term equipment financing.

Through Wunder, eligible RENVU customers can secure 3-12 month, interest-only loans in as little as a week. The equipment-backed loans are available for commercial projects with procurement financing needs of up to $250K. Loans have friendly payback terms and extension options in the event of unexpected project delays. More information is available on RENVU’s website.

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers another tool to help them build commercial solar projects. And partnering with Wunder, who is experienced with solar project financing, felt like the best way to ensure that our customers get great service and a seamless process” says Erez Dolev, RENVU’s Managing Director.

“It’s been terrific to work with a company like RENVU that places such a strong emphasis on streamlining the process, from application to distribution, and we’re thrilled to formalize the partnership” said Wunder’s Director of Project Development, Katie Lynch. “We expect to unveil platform enhancements this summer that make the process even more seamless for our partners and their customers.”

To apply for or read more about Wunder Bridge Loans, visit the financing page.