Wunder Capital Investor Q&A - Joep Meijer

Wunder Capital Investor Q&A - Joep Meijer


Who is Joep Meijer?

Joep is self-employed and takes care of his own pension investments. He's also incredibly passionate about turning society around as it relates to the climate crisis. He often thinks and acts within the climate framework about how individuals, organizations, houses of worship, businesses and the government can do their best in contributing to reducing climate change. Joep founded a non-profit called Climate Buddies which helped the City of Austin pass a city-wide NET ZERO greenhouse gas goal by 2050. He was part of a group of stakeholders that helped Austin Energy sign contracts for 2 million solar panels in West-Texas with a combined capacity of 600MW (which more than doubles the current installed solar in the state of Texas).

Proust Questionnaire:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I find it hard to define what perfect is. Coming from the Netherlands where we are on average down to earth and “act normal that is crazy enough” terms like perfect do not resonate. Better is a good word. My definition of better would be the creation of space and action to follow that did not exist before.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I don’t know as extravagance is not important to me. I find most joy in some of the smallest things in life, but mostly in connection with nature, friends and advocacy.

When and where were you happiest?

There are many times and places that would rank high in a “happiest”-contest. The one that has kept me happy for a long time and still provides me with high scores and will continue to do so in the future is the decision and celebration of the marriage with my wife Courtney. We keep surprising each other. We keep inviting each other to be our best selves and trust that that will only bring us closer together, even if we cannot fandom what opportunities will be created because of it.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?

I like to live in the moment and plan for the not too distant future. If I may answer this in this light, my most inspiring figure would be Elon Musk. Saying that you want to give mankind another shot by committing to solving the climate crisis and then executing on it on a scale that dwarfs anything else before makes it irresistible for me not to identify with.

What is your motto?

A true life committed to compassion for all living beings, the connection to one element within, the identification of bold goals and action to create a new better reality, the execution of actions to follow and execute. Or in short, if something is important to you, make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Joep on Wunder Capital.

What about Wunder Capital and our offering made you invest?

Financing is the bottleneck for many strategies that are needed to fight climate change. Solar is one important element, but financing as a whole is more important as it relates to solar, EVs, energy efficiency retrofits, storage etc.etc. Wunder Capital provides a platform in this realm and is aiming at an underserved market. I would like to see Wunder Capital grow as fast as they can.

As an investor, how important is creating impact with your investment (specifically within the environmental sector)?

Much of the climate impact relates to the energy we use. So of course I think about where to put my money to align within the climate crisis. My investments include on-shore and offshore wind projects in Europe, solar leasing for families, farmers and small businesses in Africa, and wherever I can, platforms that invest in renewable energy projects. Wunder plays a specific role that serves a market that still needs to see the growth that we see happening in residential and utility scale solar. I am glad to be part of their adventure. We need much more of it.

If given two potential investments, with similar risk, and similar returns would you prefer the solar investment, and why?

I would prefer investments the lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions, that build the solutions that can meet the climate crisis, that create opportunities for more and more people, businesses and organizations to do their part.

Have you invested in any other alternative investing platforms?

US: SunFunder (solar Africa); Mosaic (solar)
Europe: Meewind (offshore wind) ; Duurzaaminvesteren (all renewable forms of energy including geothermal and biomass).

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