Here's a little bit of the founding story of Wunder Capital.
By Catherine Clifford for Entrepreneur.

Sam Beaudin, Bryan Birsic and Dave Riess, who were doing well for themselves employed in various roles at tech startups, all harbored an underlying angst. They realized that if the companies they worked for suddenly disappeared, not much would change. The Earth would continue to spin on its axis, albeit with slightly less efficiency in a few niche markets.

This was back in the fall of 2013, and the friends wanted to break out on their own. But they still needed to pick their problem. Despite their heady, slightly crunchy-sounding idealism, the three were obsessively measured in investigating options for their potential startup. During regularly scheduled Google Hangouts, they discussed the idea of overhauling remote healthcare and helping seniors with technology. They conducted field research in both of those areas. Birsic spent days in a nursing home watching folks try to type on touch screens with shaky fingers.

But the trio wanted to think bigger. They decided that they should put their efforts into solar energy. If climate change wipes out humanity, they reasoned, then elderly people won’t be texting with their grandchildren anyway.

“My experience with the world is that, the levers of power, if you want to move them, capitalism is a pretty good route,” Birsic tells Entrepreneur. “If we thought a nonprofit was the best way to have this impact, we would have started a nonprofit. What we have seen is, the largest Archimedes’ Lever that you can get your hands on is a small group of really high-performance people who can attract a lot of capital.”

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