Who is Corey Szopinski?

I'm a proud father of two, a resident of Los Angeles, and passionate about sustainability. I'm also VP / Executive Creative Technology Director of advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which is one of the most highly-awarded agencies in the world.

Corey on Wunder Capital.

What about Wunder Capital and our offering made you invest?

I like knowing that our investment dollars are directly funding great projects. There are several green indexes and funds, but they are typically a basket of companies. Those companies engage in some things I agree with, and other things I don't. But with solar, it's cut and dry. More solar is better than less solar.

As an investor, how important is creating impact with your investment (specifically within the environmental sector)?

Post-election, it's clear that our government will de-prioritize clean energy, and shift incentives to fossil fuels. To me, this is like burning the furniture to keep the house warm. It's short-sighted, and potentially catastrophic for the health and happiness of my kids and their kids. One of the most import things we can do to counteract this trend is to put our money where the solutions are. Not only with investing, but the items we purchase, the cars we drive (or don't drive) and the lifestyle choices we make.

If given two potential investments, with similar risk, and similar returns would you prefer the solar investment, and why?

I would absolutely go for solar. Assuming the fund is well-managed, solar is a win, win, win investment. One win because of the steady returns. A second win because it enables companies to expand their solar capabilities and move away from primarily coal-generated electricity. And a third win because it helps create demand in the marketplace, which encourages a ground-swell of products, jobs and innovation in a sustainable future.

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