Wunder Investor Q&A - J. David Stein

Wunder Investor Q&A - J. David Stein


Who is J. David Stein?

I teach about money, investing and the economy on the Money For the Rest of Us podcast, YouTube channel and membership community.

Previously, I was an institutional investment advisor that worked mostly with not-for-profits.

I enjoy biking, fly fishing, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

David on Wunder Capital.

What about Wunder Capital and our offering made you invest?

I was intrigued by the lack of lenders willing to provide financing for small solar energy projects and that the projects are still economically viable even at an attractive interest rate for an investor.

As an investor, how important is creating impact with your investment (specifically within the environmental sector)?

I have strong interest in impact investing that combines a social good with a reasonable rate of return. I believe as investors we can help bring about much good if we don’t always shoot for the maximum return, but instead consider how our investments can help build our local community and protect the environment.

If given two potential investments, with similar risk, and similar returns would you prefer the solar investment, and why?

I would choose the solar investment. I really resonate with Wunder Capital’s mission of doing well and doing good.

Have you invested in any other alternative investing platforms?

Professionally, I have been involved with alternative investments for over a decade in working with institutional clients and investing on my own. Usually account minimums for top tier funds are too high for individual investors to access so it has been fascinating to see the emergence of new platforms such as Wunder Capital and others that allow individual investors to access an investment space that has typically been reserved for institutions and ultra high net worth individuals.

Wunder Capital is helping to accelerate the proliferation of solar by financing the commercial solar revolution. Wunder also offers investors a great way to invest in the future of energy. Learn more about Wunder by visiting WunderCapital.com.

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