Here at Wunder Capital, we’re always looking to better serve our borrowers and help push forward solar energy’s adoption. It’s with this goal in mind that today we’re excited to announce the expansion of Wunder’s offerings. As the market leader, our loans have always been appreciably more flexible than other offerings, but now they have lower rates, shorter loan terms, and significantly longer amortization schedules.

As Wunder has successfully scaled its lending operations and become a more mature platform for the capital markets, we have accessed cheaper capital, and can now offer lower interest rates. As always, we do not charge any dealer fees or application fees.

Wunder loans now feature shorter terms that can range from 5-10 years in length. This means that borrowers can pay interest for 5-10 years less on average and significantly reduce their total cost of project finance. Shorter loan terms also provide borrowers with the flexibility to refinance their systems in a future solar financing market that is more mature, and when they have loan payment and project performance data in-hand.

While Wunder’s loan terms are now shorter, we have also given them a longer 20-year amortization schedule, which greatly reduces monthly principal repayments, and as a result, total monthly payments. Naturally, this enhances the cost competitiveness of the solar systems that Wunder finances, and it expands the project types and geographies for which we can provide attractive financing.

About Wunder
Wunder offers debt financing for commercial-scale solar PV projects, ranging from 100kW to 5MW, including non-profit, community solar, and virtual net metering systems. Wunder loans are nonrecourse and exclusively collateralized with the solar project itself (no all-asset liens or personal guarantees required). Wunder can provide debt to any ownership structure, including PPA’s, Capital leases, and host-owned systems.

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