The Wunder Company is pleased to announce that it officially approves the recently released Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) standardized Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Should an EPC or developer submit a commercial solar project utilizing the SEIA PPA, the project will be eligible for next day diligence. Wunder is focused on bringing speed and efficiency to successfully underwrite projects between 100kW-5MW, and is pleased to approve a standardardized PPA contract which will further streamline the due diligence process.

Cameron Ramey, a Director of Finance at Wunder, adds “Many of our partners have been using SEIA's original PPA contract for years, so it's great to see ongoing support for this resource. For us, it streamlines the diligence required when examining financing requests, and allows us to pass along those efficiencies and cost savings to our partners and their customers.”

Wunder applauds SEIA’s efforts to increase transactional efficiency in the commercial solar sector. By continuing to find ways to reduce soft cost, SEIA is laying the foundation to grow the market and make solar accessible to thousands of small business, schools, and non-profits.

To access SEIA’s PPA, visit:

About Wunder
Wunder offers debt financing for commercial-scale solar PV projects, ranging from 100kW to 5MW, including non-profit, community solar, and virtual net metering systems. Wunder loans are nonrecourse and exclusively collateralized with the solar project itself (no all-asset liens or personal guarantees required). Wunder can provide debt to any ownership structure, including PPA’s, Capital leases, and host-owned systems.
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