At Wunder, we’re committed to using technology to make the process of financing solar projects as seamless and efficient as possible. Since our start in 2013, we’ve worked diligently to facilitate solar investments with incredible efficiency, such that we have been able to forgo charging any type of investor management fee. That execution - investor onboarding, verification, fund transfer, monthly and tax statement generation, and accounting - is today navigated seamlessly by our software, despite dramatic growth in investment capital of more than 600% year-over-year.

However, we’ve seen that as we scale our investor volume and rapidly enhance the sophistication of our platform, there are aspects of investor support that are not so easily automated. Whether it’s working with new platforms to expand our self-directed IRA retirement account offerings, supporting new structures like our corporate and trust investments, hosting the webinars and events that our investors increasingly enjoy, or simply making more Wunder solar investment professionals available for a phone call, we plan to significantly expand our investor support efforts in 2018. To support these efforts, we’re announcing today the rollout of a 0.25% annual investment service fee on all new Wunder investments, starting April 16th 2018.

This small 0.25% fee compares extremely favorably to the fees we see charged for actively-managed funds (particularly in specialty markets such as solar), and it even fits comfortably into the low-fee index and ETF investment options we see succeeding in the market today.


With this modest fee, Wunder will ensure our ability to deliver you the high-quality and responsive investor support that you’ve come to expect, as we hopefully grow our investor base another 6x in the coming year, and expand our investment options and offerings to drive more capital to the underserved commercial solar market. Please reach out with any thoughts, concerns, or questions, and - as always - God Bless the solar cost curve.

CEO, Wunder