Bryan Birsic, CEO

Wow. What a year. With so many distractions outside of Wunder, our team remained focused on accelerating the deployment of solar by bringing turnkey, competitive financing solutions to the deeply underserved commercial solar market. That focus has resulted in the explosive growth you’ll see in our performance metrics to follow. We’re now evaluating more than $100mm a month in borrower requests, while a year ago it was nearly a tenth of that. We’ve increased the projects we finance and capital to do so by a similar magnitude. Beyond growth, this remarkable year at Wunder has added enormously to our confidence in two principles upon which we started and have built Wunder. One: there is a very large and hungry market in commercial solar for precisely the turnkey financing solutions that have fueled explosive growth in residential. Two: availability of financing is often the primary factor holding back projects below 2 MW...

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