Who is John Basso?

I am technologist who specializes in growth and acquisition.

Built, matured and sold several technology companies across a variety of industries.

I enjoy running, snowboarding and being an early adopter of environmentally friendly technology.

John on Wunder Capital.

What about Wunder Capital's offering made you invest?

The simplicity of investing along with the returns was very attractive to me. I have other solar investments, but they required a lot of work to set up and maintain.

As an investor, how important is creating impact with your investment (specifically within the environmental sector)?

I believe it is possible to have good business investments that are also good for the environment. Being able to invest with and in businesses that are making a positive impact is closely aligned with my own values. Sometimes with traditional investments you don’t really know how responsible the companies are, but with Wunder I know my investments are making a positive impact in many different ways, including creating a better way forward for clean energy production.

If given two potential investments with similar risk, and similar returns, would you prefer the solar investment, and why?

Yes. Energy is required for almost every aspect of the economy, so if we, as a country, can cleanly produce energy it has a large multiplying impact across so many other industries.

Wunder Capital is helping to accelerate the proliferation of solar by financing the commercial solar revolution. Wunder also offers investors a great way to invest in the future of energy. Learn more about Wunder by visiting