Wunder's own Dave Riess recently sat down for a special episode of The Interchange with Stephen Lacey to discuss how you build a career with intention. You can listen to their full conversation here:

Many people move through their careers without ever thinking deliberatively about their mission. Many others are seeking a mission-focused job without knowing where to start.

Well before co-founding Wunder, Dave found himself in a tricky spot. Even after building a successful career in software development, he was uninspired: “I’m working really hard solving these problems, and fundamentally I'm helping big brands spend money more effectively on Facebook. And nobody cares about that, including me.”

So Dave created a framework for evaluating his career path. It took him in an entirely new direction — into solar.

How did he establish the framework? And how did he make the decisions that ultimately led him to co-found Wunder? This week, we present an episode about first principles: We cover the value of the beginner’s mind; 10x problem solving; and how to design a career, a product and a startup team with intention.

Read the full article on GTM here.

If you're looking to build an intentional career of your own, Wunder is currently hiring for multiple positions. Here, you can push renewable energy forward and fight climate change by joining what FastCompany recently named one of "the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2019".