At Wunder Capital, we work with and listen to C&I solar developers every single day. As new needs emerge that dovetail well with what we do best - providing simple, reliable, affordable project finance - we take action.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Wunder Pre-Term, a product to fulfill capital needs both pre-NTP and during construction. Used as a standalone solution, or bundled with Wunder Term Financing, Wunder Pre-Term allows early stage developers and asset owners to focus on growth while preserving their peace of mind. Specifically, this new program allows early stage developers and asset owners to efficiently develop projects while reducing the extent to which they must come off balance sheet to fund interconnection deposits, acquisition costs, and other development activities such as permitting, engineering, construction, and more.

“Our goal is to close the gap between the point at which early stage development expenses are incurred and the point at which our partners begin to realize takeout proceeds from asset sales or from permanent capital. Developers don’t want their operating capital tied up in interconnection deposits for months or years at a time,” says Wunder’s CEO, Dave Riess. “This program allows our partners to do more of what they do best by stretching their equity further, recycling capital faster, and developing projects further prior to lining up a takeout provider.”

Wunder has found the C&I market to be extremely receptive, with developers in almost every state submitting projects for development financing.

One such developer, Novel Energy, financed 10MW+ of Minnesota community solar projects via this new program in early 2020. “This allowed us to keep our community solar portfolio moving along on time and within budget,” said Cliff Kaehler, CEO of Novel Energy. “We look forward to continuing to work with Wunder throughout the year.”

If you’d like to learn more about Wunder Pre-Term financing, or use it for a project in need of interconnection deposits, acquisition costs, permitting, engineering reports, construction, and the like, submit your projects here or shoot us a note at

Wunder Capital is a leading source of debt financing for C&I solar assets ranging from 100kW to 10MW across municipal, corporate, and community solar market segments. To date, Wunder has raised $400M+ in capital commitments and has deployed the majority of it across 350+ transactions in 24 US states. You can learn more about the technology and team behind this at

Novel Energy Solutions, LLC (NES), is a Minnesota company that specializes in reducing government, business, farm and residential energy costs through solar installations, energy-efficiency technologies, and unique financing options. Founded by a fifth-generation Minnesota farmer, NES has a strong focus on helping farmers and their communities take advantage of all the benefits solar energy has to offer. They’ve developed over 100MWs of community solar gardens to date.